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Benefits of Quartz Countertops

If you’re in need of a new look for your kitchen, quartz countertops are the way to go. Quartz countertops have taken the place of natural stone for being one of the most popular counter trends of the last few years.

Premier Paint and Floor Covering has quality quartz countertops to fit the kitchen of your dreams. Quartz countertops are created with natural ground quartz and polymer resins. The following is a list of the benefits from having a Quartz Countertop.


Quartz countertops are almost indestructible. Because of the durability of the surface, the need to reseal the countertop is no longer required. Quartz countertops naturally resist liquids, oils, and corrosion on their own.


When making quartz countertops, manufacturers completely control the process. This essentially means that the countertops can come in more colors and designs than natural stone countertops. You can also incorporate other materials into the countertop for a more contemporary feel like metallic flecks and recycled glass.

Low Maintenance

Since quartz countertops are factory-made, they are created to be nonporous and uniform to one another. This means manufacturers can rid them of the defects found in natural stone slabs. The countertops are nearly double the strength of granite and are more sanitary, making them the perfect option for bathrooms and kitchens.

It’s important to take into effect what type of countertop is going to work best for your family and budget. If you have small children, look into purchasing quartz over natural stone countertops as they are lower maintenance, have more varieties available. Contact us to know more or come in to see our staff!

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