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Cork & Bamboo Flooring

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Sustainable Cork and Bamboo

We try to keep up with the latest trends in design, particularly when it comes to sustainability. Cork and Bamboo Flooring has recently become more and more popular with home owners and building owners due to its durability and increased sustainability on the environment and the structure. Check out our latest collections of cork and bamboo flooring and as always, give us a call or stop by our store to take a look!

Sustainable Flooring Brands

We only carry brands we trust both structurally, environmentally and quality. If you are look for a particular brand that we have not mentioned ofr Cork, Bamboo or another sustainable flooring product, just let us know. We can order in most every brand of material.

To get started with a sustainable floor solution, contact us to schedule a quote!

Choosing Cork & Bamboo

If you are new to Cork & Bamboo Flooring, it’s helpful to talk to the people who know. Our staff is here to help you in the process from picking the right materials and style that fit your project and budget.