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Importance of Prep and Primer For Exterior Painting

Picking the best prep and primer for the exterior of your home can be quite a feat.

At Premier Paint and Floor Covering, we are known for our quality paints, stains, and exceptional customer service. We feel confident in getting our customers the right products every time.

We know what it’s like to live in Kittitas Valley. With one of the most difficult climates in North America, your paint and primer on the exterior of your home needs to last all year round. Tackling all four seasons has the potential to lead to wear and tear, which is why choosing the best product for the job, climate, and season is extremely important.


What Paint and Primer Should You Choose?

Picking the right paint for your upcoming renovation is a big task. In order to help you make the best decision, we have a knowledgeable staff that is readily available. They can assist you in picking the right products, colors, and finishes that will suit the exterior of your home.

Paint comes in a variety of finishes, and is usually latex-based. Latex paint is the most commonly used paint type. It is more durable than oil-based paint and is easier to clean. Latex paint is more fade-resistant and breathes easier as well. This type of paint should be used for your home’s exterior, most of the walls in your home and any other household surfaces that need to be painted. Using a primer allows the paint to dry properly. It can create a smooth and consistent layer for the paint to be spread over. A surface without primer could have brush marks, or flake off sooner than normal.

Preparation for painting is also necessary. Prep ensures that the area you’re painting is clear of any dirt or grime. Materials like brick, or any other type of masonry, can easily attract dirt to the mortar, which is why it’s essential to prepare the wall you are painting beforehand.

The paint and stain brands that we carry in-store are Pittsburgh Paints, C2 Paints, Proluxe Stains, Flood Wood Stains and Rustoleum Paints.  All your favorite brands of paints and stains are all under one roof. If we don’t have a color or product that you’re looking for, we’re happy to see if we can order it for you.


What About the Color?

If you’re planning to do a little repainting, then it’s important to find an exterior paint that will have color retention. This means that the color of the paint will be able to last for a longer period of time without fading.

There are certain colors that you should avoid when painting your exterior walls. Most vibrant colors should be used for the inside of your home over the outside, but it’s especially important to avoid reds. Reds tend to fade far quicker than any other color because of the level of pigment in them. Gray, black, and whites are the most common exterior and interior colors since they are more likely to match with other design elements. 

If you feel like you may need more help when tackling a renovation project, our knowledgeable staff members are happy to help. With the wide variety of products we offer, our employees will be able to perfectly choose paint and primer that is best for the exterior of your home.

The paint brands we carry are simply the best when it comes to quality. You won’t find better paint, a larger variety, and more knowledgeable staff anywhere else in Kittitas Valley. With the multiple other products and services we have available, there’s no reason you won’t be able to create your dream home with ease.

Contact our team today to discuss getting the exterior of your house painted before the harsh winter weather arrives!

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