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Intriguing Places To Build Your Home Office

With working from home having been normalized, home office design trends have varied and been embraced by people all around.

A customized home office can improve productivity and focus, but it requires thoughtful consideration.The place where you decide to set up your office should be one where you feel comfortable.

In addition to the office chair, desk and lighting, you need your office to have good structure. While some spots, like the family room or living room, are the go-to choices for most people, there are other areas of the home that have become trendy for home office remodeling. Here are some intriguing places to use for home office space.  

The Spare Bedroom

If your home has an extra bedroom that’s used sparingly, it can be the perfect to set up your home office. There’s extra space to utilize, and you’re likely to face fewer distractions since it’s an unused space in your home. With some inexpensive modifications, you can give this space its own personality.

To give it that professional look, you can start by tearing out any carpet in the room and install low-maintenance flooring that is either wooden or mirrors quality wood. Laminate flooring is an ideal choice for new flooring considering its durability and strong underlayment, which can help with sound insulation. Plus, laminate flooring is cost-effective, easy to install, has strong resistance to all sorts of stains and comes in several designs, ranging from wood to natural stone. There are a host of laminate flooring brands to choose from when looking for the right flooring for each space in your home. 

Add a paint job using brighter tones to create livelier surroundings. Then, once the paint dries, put up some artwork or anything that sparks creativity as a backdrop to accentuate the space. 

The Backyard 

More people are using backyard dwellings or accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as trendy, customized home office spaces. Though converting a backyard into an office space is more costly than changing a room into one, backyard offices can also offer people more privacy during work hours. 

Floor plans for backyard offices are wide-ranging and the options are limitless. You can repurpose your shed or cabin by installing windows and flooring, as well as a small staircase or a deck to give it a more authentic feel. Alternatively, you can get a new workshop from a carpentry or hardware store and ask the builder to make changes that will fit your home office. These changes include: 

  • Expanded desk space
  • Layout alterations
  • New doors and energy-efficient windows

A backyard home office can be a solid investment and the results can be stunning.

Garage Home Office 

Another intriguing spot for home office remodeling is the garage. It’s a spacious spot in your home and easy to access — plus, you can get more privacy. 

Admittedly, a garage-to-home-office conversion can be substantial, especially if it’s a larger, detached garage due to its square footage. However, there’s more room to get creative. You can rip up the plain concrete flooring in your garage and replace it with carpet or floor tiles so the surface is more comfortable. You can remove the windows and have more drywall installed so it looks more elegant. Or, you can implement skylights that bring through natural light to brighten the space. 

You can convert it into a contemporary home office and studio, mixing the industrial with the classic.


If you’re looking for creative ideas and plans that will give your home office remodeling a boost, Premier Paints & Floor Coverings has got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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