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Tile Flooring

Bring beauty and style into your home with high quality tile solutions
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Superior Tile & Installation

For a beautiful floor that will last a lifetime, nothing beats tile. From choosing the right style and pattern to how the tile is set, grouted and finished, tile compliments any look and setting. Now, with the incredible technology on the market, you can have your tile heated, custom designed and installed. Talk to one of our tile specialists today and come take a look at what we have in our store!

Quality Tile Brands

At Premier Paint and Floor Covering, we offer more than 600 styles to meet your every need. Real tile is an art form. To get started with tile simply come in to our store in Ellensburg or call us. With tile it really helps to get your hands on some examples and then we can help with the rest!

Choosing Paints and Stains

Picking the right paints and stains can be difficult. Our staff is here to help you in the process from picking the right colors, finishes, sheens and products that fit the project you are working on.